Dearest Holga Increases its Popularity!


The fantastic plastic Holga 120, one the most beloved Lomographic medium-format cameras out there, recently appeared on the cover shot of the Russian lifestyle magazine Seasons. Come on in and have a look see!

Since I got my first Lomographic camera (the Supersampler) in late September 2005, everyone around me started to take an interest in Lomography too. Today, almost all of my friends, co-workers and relatives has at least one or two cameras. Even my father bought Smena 8M and made a pinhole camera!

My sister wasn’t an exception. She works as a stylist with different Russian magazines and during one of her latest projects with Seasons magazine, they shot a Green Holga for the cover story. Maybe one day she’’ll shoot something for this magazine using the Holga. We’ll see!

written by japsix on 2010-09-15 #news #camera #cover #magazine #holga #popular #life-style


  1. grad
    grad ·

    ого! Даш, а черкани то же самое в наш блог

  2. ajagee24701
    ajagee24701 ·

    True, I have noticed the Holga in lots of magazines!

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