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Taste the Mediterranean photographic adventure

So cool we have a Spinner now. On one hand you are holding a unique piece of photographic equipment, on the other hand you are scratching the head about which kind of pics will look authentic enough.

Well, among other things that Spinner can do – there are certainly those that it cannot. Pics can’t be double exposed. Too bad? Not yet: we still have any other cam (it was LC-A+ for me, but Holga 135 or Diana Mini or Fisheyes of any kind will contribute to the same style of celebration).

The LC-A+ on the other side can’t make those long strips that are glowing the regular frames, so it all looks just perfect together.

So take some film that will be forgivable enough to make the best for multi exposures (I’ve used Kodak 160NC), load it in any cam, shoot, reload, shoot again and mind the composition to get the best combination of plans and surprizes :)

written by breakphreak on 2011-02-19 #gear #tutorials #art #multiple-exposure #tipster #double-exposure #lc-a #360 #spinner

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