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Ten of the most creative Latvian minds (who are by the way also friends of lomography) were asked to design their own Diana F+ camera. Here we want to introduce you to this unique collection which can still be admired – next to the Detrich collection and the Diana Vigtnettes exhibition – until 17th of September at Gallery Tasty in Riga.

Alyona Bauska
Graphic designer, who is involved into the fashion world. Her brand QooQoo has received sincere appreciation from Riga Fashion Associations. QooQoo stands for the integration of brave, untraditional visual illustrations and graphics into textiles.

Agnese Kleina
Fashion blog writer, journalist, DEKO magazine editor. Not always in this order. Agnese lives in her fairy tale world between shoes and lovely conversations. She presents the Diana+ blind cat love. Color: salmon pink, chosen by the cats themselves.

Peteris Bajars
Peteris enjoys life, loves music and screws old cars. In the middle of these activities he is architect, leading the office “India” and now also contributor to the Diana World Tour Riga artist collection.

Ance Krievina
Journalist and director, working as a reporter and editor for the TV3 news „Stils Bez Tabu”. Ance is in love with life. The idea about her Diana+ came during walking near by beach, where she found a plastic toy – orange morse.

Triana Park
One of the most extra-ordinary music groups in Latvia, who have proved themselves with bright shows on television, concerts and festivals. Co-working with different young Latvian fashion artists makes them unique scene characters. Their musical concept is entertainment, which varies from electro rock to ballads and acoustic performances.

Nils Vilnis
Photographer Nils Vilnis is experimenting within fashion photography. There he can express many emotions and situations, thus bring fashion photography as close as possible to art.

Arturs Mednis
Arturs is DJ and specialist in new medias, who writes pod casts and does short films. He is a passionate lomographer for more than 10 years now and familiar with almost every lomographic camera, except for the Diana. Time to change this!

Kristians Muiznieks
Kristians is a snowboarder and keen on analogue photography. Every day he faces different extreme situations and other interesting things, as he also releases the authentic board sport magazine “Triecienspeks” (in translation – “Power of Attack”).

Zile Davidsone
Zile is an artist in enviromental art specialty, and owner of the gallery and creative space “Tasty”. In her free time she loves shooting photo films, catching the wind at the sea side and improving her skills in baking cakes.

Mareks Ruskuls
Mareks is an artist of simple drawings. He has published a book with approximately 200 illustrations, also you may see his art-works in briiC.lv.

The Diana World Tour exhibition, including the artist’s collection, is on display until 17th of September at Galerija Tasty, Martas iela 1, Riga.
Opening hours: on business days from noon to 6pm; on Saturdays from noon to 3pm

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  1. kvboyle
    kvboyle ·

    That last Diana would be Queen of the Light Leaks! Love the feathers, somehow I see Diana in a feather boa

  2. dogma
    dogma ·

    Nice customizations!

  3. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·


  4. mikahsupageek
    mikahsupageek ·

    The one in the rubberbands is ACE ! =)

  5. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    cooool designs!

  6. dilma
    dilma ·

    i wenth in erasmus to makslav akademy in riga, aroud 2004

  7. dilma
    dilma ·

    congratulations to all the artists
    love lome lomo

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