The September Lomo LC-A+ Week


As we close out the dog-days of Summer, it’s easy to sometimes get nostalgic for the past. What better way to cure those nostalgia-blues than to take a trip back in time to the glory days of the mighty LC-A?

As we close out the dog-days of Summer, it’s easy to sometimes get nostalgic for the past. What better way to cure those nostalgia-blues than to take a trip back in time to the glory days of the mighty LC-A?

As if out of a time-capsule-and for a VERY limited time-you have the chance to grab one of the last original deadstock, or one-of-a-kind Limited Edition LC-A’s, untouched and in original Lomographic packaging.

Also this month we proudly introduce you to FOUR new Lomo “Music” Amigo bands. And to top it off, we have an incredible offer – get a 5-pack of Lomography X-Pro film free with every LC-A or LC-A+ purchase! So put down your Summer scrapbooks for a few days longer, and take a trip down memory lane with the Lomo LC-A.


While recently spelunking through the Lomographic caves we came upon a time capsule, left behind and seemingly forgotten. When we opened the box we could not believe our eyes.

Inside were original LC-A’s, in mint condition and in original packaging! Grab one quick!

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This exclusive 2002 limited edition LC-A honours the “Centenary of Lomography and LOMO” (10 yrs of Lomography + 90 yrs of Lomo PLC). This beautiful item sports handmade leather wrapping, authenticity certificate, and a metal emblem designed by Alexander Djikia – a famous Russian artist and Lomographer. Only 936 pieces were ever produced.
(only 10 pieces left)

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The one, the only – the mighty LC-A. This is the camera that started it all. Brand new in original packaging, these few deadstock pieces remain from the early 2000’s. (only 8 pieces left)

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Pulling from our stock of lightly used and returned cameras, a team of Russian Lomo engineers has checked and adjusted each one to perfection. They’ll arrive in beautiful condition and function as new. Each Refurbished Lomo comes with a warranty good for 2 YEARS after the purchase date.
Each of these standard packs includes Lomo, 2 rolls of film, Hipshot Bag (color subject to availability), “Lomo On” book, batteries and film.

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A couple of months ago we brought you some exciting additions to the Lomo Amigos pantheon, when our friends Gizzly Bear, John Vanderslice, and Cold War Kids joined the ranks of Lomo Amigos. These phenomenally talented musicians were eager to show another creative side by taking the LC-A+ behind the scenes with them to capture slices of their daily lives. This month we have four more bands that were eager to express themselves through Lomography, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to present:


Beirut’s sound is a perfect synergy of euphoric melancholy. It was this captivating sound that won their first album, Gulag Orkestar, international acclaim.

Beirut: ==

Prototypes are an indie trio from France. Their song “Who’s Gonna Sing” was featured in an Apple iPod ad in 2006.

Prototypes: ==

Tahiti 80 got their start in the 90’s somewhere between Rouen and Paris, drawing their name from a souvenir T-shirt slogan…

Prototypes: ==

Yacht is a lot of things. It’s kind of a band, but it’s mostly a genre-and-media-spanning life project…

Prototypes: ==

For one week only get a FREE 5-pack of
Lomography X-Pro film with every LC-A or
LC-A+ purchase!

This custom-tailored slide film is an exclusive, tweaked version, of the Agfa CT Precisa – the slide lovers’ favorite! Combine the Precisa’s signature x-processed blue tonality and a little extra something – and you have the LOMO X-Pro.T he LC-A & LC-A+ produce amazing natural contrast and vignetting as standard… but pop in some Lomography X-Pro film and take your camera out on a sunny day, and prepare to be dazzled!

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  1. champi
    champi ·

    Hum hum hummm... Interesting!! I just need a few more piggies for a refurb LC-A!! Or will I take a LC-A+?? Dilemma here!!

  2. shhquiet
    shhquiet ·

    ohmygoodness, Tahiti 80!!!

  3. grimbyname
    grimbyname ·

    Any chance of a return authorisation for my faulty LC-A refurb, still under warranty? Contacted Customer Service almost a week ago and haven't heard anything yet.

  4. alexandrak
    alexandrak ·

    @grimbyname: I have forwarded your request to Customer Service and will make sure that's taken care of for you.

  5. grimbyname
    grimbyname ·

    Thanks Alexandra.

  6. u-t-e
    u-t-e ·

    "Enough for me is not much for you! Won't you forgive me that's all I can do! Can you feel my heartbeat when I'm close to you?"
    I've got a Tahiti 80 t-shirt, size small for girls (well, rather xsmall). Is anyone interested? Unfortunately it's too small for me! And it's basically new and I would exchange it for a little something (no money offers please!!), an expired film or whatever else.

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