Expect the Unexpected!


It’s time to experience autumn at the Lomography Gallery Stores! Prepare to be surprised with an exciting stream of activities lined up for you. There will be bundles that are impossible to resist, workshops to keep you busy, and special shopping offers too!

Lomography Gallery Store Special Action!

Those long sunny summer days will soon be behind us and Lomography’s motto for this changeable time of year is to expect the unexpected! We’ve created the perfect place to help you get over this seasonal hump with a fresh line-up of workshops, activities, in store special actions and great savings to boot. Come what may, Lomography Gallery Stores are the place to be!

Late Night Shopping

At the end of September, Lomography Gallery Stores worldwide will be holding a special late night shopping event for your convenience and enjoyment. Not only will you want to leisurely peruse all the Lomography goods with hands on fun, you’ll find it hard to leave once the live band strikes up and refreshments start pouring in.

Unexpected Workshops & Special Bundles

Every workshop is specially tailored to help you get experimental and discover new analogue delights. Plus right now at the Lomography online shop, you can snap up great bundle offers to help you be prepared for absolutely all shooting conditions. Lomography Gallery Store bundles are available in stores and will differ depending on availability.

Workshop – “Double Exposure”

Double exposure by film swap where you can share exposed films with fellow Lomographers right at the workshop! We expect some great “team-worked” results and new unexpected friendships.

Workshop – “Cross Processing”

There’s no better way to capture unexpected bright and rich tones than using cross processing or x-pro like Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 35mm. Achieve mind-blowing reds, deep sea blues more luscious green. Also talk shop about the technical parts of using x-processing.

Workshop – “Unexpected Trip”

Think you know all the ins and outs of where you live? Well, you might be surprised with this workshop. For adventurous Lomographers who don’t mind being led to an undisclosed location filled with photo opts beyond their wildest dreams. That’s all we can lead you to expect.

See links below for more information about dates and times from participating Lomography Gallery Stores:

Bangkok | Berlin | Guangzhou | Hong Kong | London | Los Angeles | New York | Rio de Janeiro | Seoul | Shanghai | Taiwan | Tokyo

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For your consideration:

Lomography Film Craziness
Diana Splitztant Kit
DigitaLIZA Scanning Mask Bundle

Photo by: breakphreak

Expect the Unexpected Rumble

Ever been caught off-guard by a Lomographer with a camera in hand and sudden flash? Of course you have! Or maybe you have been at the right place at just the right time to snap an un-expecting friend or family member who didn’t even see that big wave or flying food coming?

Join the “Expect the Unexpected” Rumble

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    How I'd like to have a lomoshop close of where I live.... but the closest one is LA and needs 8 hours flight... :((

  2. stinklecheeks
    stinklecheeks ·

    I think the closest one to me is in NY! and I live IN Florida!! I soo wish there was one down here.

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