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It is quite ironic that as analogue enthusiasts, we’ve come to know each other and grow as a community through computers and the Internet. Rest assured that the irony isn’t lost on us as we, together with Programma 101, present you with a contest that bring the two opposing sides together!

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When did the computer become so personal?

It all began when the first desktop computer called Programma 101, invented by the Italian Olivetti in 1964. That is when the personal computer entered our lives in an indeed very personal way. No longer a working tool for the office, computers entered our homes, living rooms, dens to affect the way we live our lives in private.

This is the starting point of the of the 101 Project Initiative. We now endeavor to explore the relationship between humans and machine by collecting opinions, organizing archives materials, interviewing experts and reflect on technology and the impact it has on our daily life. Starting from the past, when people were frightened by the many ways in which their personal lives were being changed, to present day where we have grown increasingly dependent on being “connected”. At the 101 Project, our goal is to create an ecosystem where user generated content and our authorial point of view are together. It is not one of the billion websites, but it would like to be a real interactive tool to think about the impact of new media on our society and our thoughts.

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Lomography, being a community that is both committed to preserving analogue and living analogue lifestyle while being connected by PCs on the world wide web, we thought – who better to ask?

Have a look at our 101 Project online investigation: archive materials, videos and interviews with world leading experts, even our tv documentary (produced by Zenit Arti Audiovisive) about the untold story of the invention of Programma 101 and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

You may even wish to join our Personal Family Album competition. Submit a photo of your: first personal computer, videogame and every kind of machine that meant the beginning of your personal relationship with a computer. After 15th December 2010 a special jury will determine the the one best photo and award the winner a Lomography Diana Mini!

Photo by: crayfish

Deadline for submitting photos is December 15th 2010!

Go to www.101project.eu and share your technologies memories with us!

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    The Old Windows commercial and "The internet in 1969" clip are fantastic. Also the story told by Mario Bellini is great. Well done.

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