Photos from the Memories Box.

Old photos were in the negative. These photos look like taken from the 80´s. Why is that?

I was scanning an LC-A negative and I saw that my photos were over-exposed. I didn´t understand why. But this negative looked taken from the 80´s, a little washed out and with a lot of grain.

I´d set my LC-A in 800 asa because I wanted push my negative, a Kodak EBX 100. But after I saw the over-exposed photos I checked the camera and SURPRISE! my LC-A was set in 200 asa! In this moment I understood why my photos were this way. My LC-A lets more light that I needed.

Anyway I love the results, it was very surprise but it was very funny. The photos are very special.
Now I know if I want old photos like from a memories box. I set my LC-A one or two steps less than the asa value of the film.

If you want to get on this mode, you can use a 800 asa film and set the camera in 200 or 400 asa. This is one of the plenty reasons why I love film cameras, there’s always something good that’ll happen with your mistakes!

written by iaki on 2011-02-18 #gear #tutorials #film #tip #grain #tipster #xpro #lca #old-photos #over-exposed

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