Urban Café (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico)

In the heart of Aguadilla is the coziest venue you’ll find around. Full of fun, crazy, comforting times. Step right in! A mother is probably the most special person you’ll ever meet. She will always support, love, and be there for you. That is why when my mother’s birthday came around this year, I had to gift her with photos from her special night, so into the town’s smallest venue we went!

It’s called ‘Café Urbano’. This small little venue is located in the heart of the town of Aguadilla in Puerto Rico. It’s probably a little bigger than the size of a big living room. Packed with a fully equipped bar, karaoke machine, live music, and a delicious cuisine.

We took our entire family and packed the place. They have a few tables on the outside of the venue which are perfect for a little fresh air if it gets too crowded on the inside. We sang our hearts out and ate the best sampler plates ever! The people were all wonderful and down for a really good time!

So if you want to take your friends for a good time have a few beers, singing some karaoke and chilling out with a few sampler plates, this is the place to come!

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