Eyespotting Borawan Island

In the small, rural town of Padre Burgos in Quezon Province, one can find an island getaway, unknown to many, called Borawan. The name itself was coined from the popular Boracay Beach and Palawan. As the locals and some reviews would say, this small side beach haven is a combination of both.

From Padre Burgos’ Vista Playa, eyespotting Borawan is possible by a mere hand point. One can reach the destination in about 10 mins. Boat rides/rentals are available at Vista Playa and nearby areas. From our recent visit, a boat that can accommodate 4 people costs 700php. There are no food stalls whatsoever in the island so it would be best to buy something before you hop on the boat.

Arriving at the beach proper, you’ll see a number of large rock formations and carved caves formed by the waves. Nipa hut cottages are just around 5 or 6 so it’s quite a hard one to catch during peak season. On the other hand, extremely speaking, off peak season often lets you own the island for yourself, as from our experience. The cost of cottage rentals varies. If you arrived at the island and rent from morning to afternoon, it would be 500php. But if you went there around noon or after lunch time, it would only cost you 300php, which can be split among the group.

Borawan Island is for your swimming and picture taking pleasure, aside from relaxing and mesmerizing as you view the vastness of the Tayabas Bay. As you get back to the town proper, prepare yourself to walk on the sandbar going to the roadside as low tides really define the meaning itself.

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