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Get your hands ready! Get your eyes ready! We’re already more than ready with the “Expect the Unexpected” special action! We will ready a little lesson to you. This season is about films and the colors and we’re going to help you get the most out of each with ready many bundles, a long shopping night and workshops a plenty. Come on and join us!

This is a very good chance to explain the cross processing of film to everyone of you. Many people know the cross processing but do not know why it can happen and how to get it control the effect.So we make these workshops for you, in these workshops you can know the basics of film, different between each films (brand, model, iso), all about these, and we will tell you how to create the effect only for you.

Also we will introduce the new XR film to you, it is a full new create film and create a fullyt new color of your pictures. Do you want to know more? Why do not mark it down on you calendar and make a visit to Lomography Gellery Store Guangzhou, come to join the workshop, get all you want!

1. Bundle
Diana F+ with Flash package buy with Diana 35mm Back, GET LomofilmPack 35mm ONE pack (3rolls) AND Lomography 120 Colorneg Film ONE pack(3rolls) FOR FREE !!! (Diana mini products not include)

2. Expect Long Shopping nght
Autumn nite always beautiful, in this wonderful nite, we ready a longshopping nite for you.
25th.September, Lomography Gallery Store Guangzhou will extend the shopping time to 10pm for you.

3. Special Workshop

Workshop 1
11th September 2pm
Redscale, red`s world

Workshop 2
18TH September 2pm
Multi exposure, Multi eyes

Workshop 3
25th September 2pm
X-PRO your photos

Workshop 4
9th October 9am
An Unexpected Trip

Lomography Gallery Store Guangzhou
No.87, Haoxian Road
T: 020 – 8383 3853

Microsite: http://microsites.lomography.com/stores/gallery-stores/guangzhou

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