Flying Fish Memory Museum (Taiwan, Tainan)

An Old house. The couple’s dream. All the memory keeping as forever, Flying Fish Memory Museum actually is not a museum. It means more as exhibition. And, you won’t believe that is a really wedding store in the reality, if I did not tell you that.

Cause, you won’t see any wedding dress hang up at the first floor or even the second floor. You also can’t see any cemera around this place.

In fact, Flying Fish Memory Museum located on a very old building at Tainan. Few year ago, they decided to re-build this place but keep the original instructure for the Flying Fish Memory Museum. From the empty house to full of the stuff, it was a really hard task for them at that moment.

They used all natually materials to decorate the room for creating the simple and comfortable space.
I feel so free to sit anywhere. Those people who worked here are also friendly and kind to answer you any question you would like to know about the Flying Fish Memory Museum.

Beside the wedding photo taking, they even make some very inspried story over there.

When I saw some pictures hang up on the wall and I ask them what is that. They tell me, they try to keep the memory forever for someone by photo taking.

They looked for some couple of grey people who was not getting any chance to have a wedding picture in the past. They help them for free for the wedding shooting. Just for keeping more valuable memory for them, also, sharing their touching story to more people.

As time goes by , it won’t never come back. But we do use the photo to keep it forever. I guess that is what Flying Fish Memory Museum wanna do now and wanna people know as well.

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