The Beaches of the Outer Hebrides


“Don’t like the weather? Wait twenty minutes.” – Scottish saying. I thought the bad weather would never end and I’d never get to see the beach on Benbecula that I’d dreamt about for weeks. Check out the beaches of the outer Hebrides!

We’d been on the road for almost two weeks, we’d had sun, rain, wind and every time we’d come close to one of the many giant beaches of the Hebrides in Scotland, the mist closed in, the rain came down and we got stranded in our tent.

Then we got to Benbecula (Beinn nam Fadhla), a little island between the larger islands of North and South Uist. It takes various trains, buses and ferries to get there, and that’s exactly how it should be.

The sun was out. The beach was massive. There was nobody else for miles around…so we did a little dance!

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    Beautiful images, I want to go! you look well wrapped up!

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    ...that's not me, I was more wrapped up. Cheers for the comments/likes everyone!

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    Beautiful gallery! Congrats!

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