Christian Schwanz Shoots with the Fisheye No.2

Malaysian based musician, artist and all around analogue enthusiast talks to us about passion, inspiration and making one’s own path. Check out his lovely Fisheye shots and a glimpse of why artistic collectives are still important.

REAL NAME: Christian Schwanz aka CEE
CITY: Kuala Lumpur
COUNTRY: Malaysia

Please tell the Lomography Community a little bit about yourself. Where do get your inspiration from and how do give it?
I love touring with my music. It’s my biggest privilege and I am very thankful for that. It’s a great way to get to know new people and new food and new music and new smells and new sights. People and nature and the nature of people inspires me. Love inspires me most. I try to express my insights as good as I can through music, photos and drawing – but also through cooking : )

What path takes you to Kuala Lumpur and how do like living there?
First music brought me to Malaysia and later the love of my life brought me back to this place. Now I live and work here. I am still doing music. Guess that will always be part of my life. Besides music and music consulting (sounds terrible) I am also doing some marketing stuff – I keep myself busy. Sometimes I wish the day had 48 hours…

How long have you been a Lomographer (or are you new to this whole thing?)
It was my brother who opened my eyes to photography. He has a really good eye (He is a perfect big brother in general hehehe). I always knew about Lomo, but never owned one. Luckily, in 2008 you guys (Lomo) hooked me up with a few cameras and I started to play around with this analog love.

Not only are you into shooting photos you are in to music. Tell us a little bit about Crunchtime.
I have always believed it’s good to do fun things with a bunch of people in a collective. Crunchtime is that collective. It is based on the simple idea of people getting together and getting all sucked into creativity. The main figures are Stereotyp, Drawvolution, Butterflies and Bunnyrabbits, myself plus a bunch of other amazing talents and aka’s… The globally growing music and arts movement Barefoot is also a brain child of Crunchtime.

What do you prefer for your music and photos, digital or analogue and why?
The future is analog. Clearly, analog has more deepness and realness, whether it’s music or photography.

What other form of artistic expression are you into and what do you like about these mediums?
I play around with many things… I am getting more into painting (on big walls). I guess Momo from Drawvolution got me addicted.

Descried the Fisheye No.2 in 5 words.
Get very very very close.

If your photo selection had a soundtrack what would it be? (3 songs title & artist please).
Jahcoozi – Barefoot Dub Radiohead – All I need Lexie Lee (prod by Stereotyp) – Mine are Bigga

What is the strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest photographic/Lomographic encounter that you have ever had?
Well the ringflash is a crazy Lomo tool. To flash people with that thing is furious. People can run into walls, if you take their picture in a dark club. I am serious : )

What’s is next for you in the foreseeable future? Anything we should look out for?
- start a family. (I just got married)
- work on a CEE solo album
- build a house out of bamboo

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