Over Easy With a Side of Analogue

Before a long day of shooting you need fuel and there’s a great restaurant in Phoenix where you can get breakfast and shoot a few rolls. Take a trip to the Arcadia district and visit Over Easy to experience a meal fit for the analogue lifestyle.

It’s Saturday morning and you actually remembered to grab film before the weekend. Your Diana and Holga are hungry for a little action and so are you. But before you can hit the trail and blaze trails of cross-processed, vignetted glory you need food. And really the best place for Lomographers to get some early morning food in Phoenix is Over Easy.

Nestled in Phoenix’s Arcadia district you’ll find the brightly colored Over Easy. Surrounded by low-slung squat industrial architecture and strip malls with businesses old enough that paint’s fading and the typography dates itself, Over Easy is colorful burst of the familiar and the ambitious. Welcome adjectives to anyone living the analogue lifestyle.

Over Easy can be found in a retasked Taco Bell (Phoenix’s first). So while the general shape might be familiar the touches to the exterior and interior are anything but anticipated and familiar. Beautiful retro-style dinette seating can be found on the misted and covered patio and inside as well. With the period of the architecture and dinette seating seemingly at odds your eyes ain’t done feasting yet. The counter at Over Easy has some wild chairs. Like Buck Rogers in the 25th Century wild. The festive colors, checkered floor, open air kitchen and engaging staff make this the perfect place to fuel up before a day of shooting.

I said this place was familiar and ambitious. The familiar comes from the architecture and furniture. The ambitious? The food is just rocking. My favorite is the Scottish smoked salmon with asparagus, sour cream and chives. The whole menu is worth a spin.

So why here Lomo friends? Because your day of shooting doesn’t have to start after breakfast. It can start AT breakfast. My wife and I recently sat down over an awesome breakfast her with her Holga and me with my Fuji Instax and we had shoot tons of material by the time we left. The staff at Over Easy is totally cool with photographers and in our experience made us feel welcome and went to lengths they didn’t have to stage a few amazing shots.

Melissa Martin, a member of the Over Easy team, graciously turned on the restaurant’s neon window sign and posed for a few shots in front of Over Easy’s famed giant yellow dot. She explained that she came to Phoenix on her way to LA with her boyfriend and after breakfast at Over Easy she never left. Her story resonated with me. Analog photography is the same way. One taste and you’ve gotta stay.

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