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Shoot, wait, amaze, inspire, shoot… :)

Well, like everyone else I knew that yep – we can take Lomographic pics and see the results right away and that – yes – it’s supposed to be kinda fun. I was indifferent to that, playing with all kinds of cameras and all kinds of films, till one day I’ve tried the instant stuff and became addicted.

It’s not only the chick (and folks) magnet that does the job, it’s not only that you can see the result in minutes. It’s that you can apply almost all that you did and known before, all those foolish schticks (minus various film types, minus an ability to manipulate – hear me, LSI! maybe one day we’ll have the new Instax generation :) and get impressed on the spot, not need to run to the local lab. People become involved with the process, starring at those credit-card pictures with fisheyed-splitzerized-colorsplashed double-exposures and the vibe goes on! :)

I try to accumulate several 20-packs, discharged them all during a single weekend and have a rest till another time that usually comes sooner then expected. This Instax media, being painstakingly simple for use still leaves a decent space for creativity and the intimate size pushes a spectator in direct contact with the pictures.

written by breakphreak on 2010-09-01 #gear #review #instax #instant-photography #accessory #diana-instant-back #user-review #lomographic-fun


  1. gnarlyleech
    gnarlyleech ·

    Wow. The multi exposures are unreal. Great job! -peace out

  2. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    yep, thanks. have more cool things in my pocket to be published soon. :)

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