Slave Away Tennis Sister

Summer hits and I’m shipped off to drive my little brother who happens to be an amazing tennis player to different locations so that he can play tournaments…not as a manager nor as a parent but as a sister who can be a slave under the hot sun and endures countless hours on the road so that the king may rack up points.

So I’m told that i’m going to be driving to Ann Harbor Michigan to take my little brother to a tournament… My first thoughts are what?!

1. I’m his sister not his mother
2. It’s Ann Harbor…
3. The drive is like 5 hours and who knows how many days I’m going to be stuck there.
Of course these thoughts are in my head because you do not ever argue with asian parents, especially when they’re eating.

So the next gear I pack up my bags and head out. Of course I bring my trusty polaroid camera because everyone should have a polaroid on call, especially if you’re traveling! And of course you need to take a picture before you embark on an adventure so my goofball brother gives me a nice pose.

I expected to be there for 3 days the most…because if he loses we go home. I must be a bad sister to hope he loses (sometimes). But after 5 days of waking up early and basically becoming a limousine driver you get used to it. And by the end worth it when he actually wins.

written by sorhakang on 2011-05-25 #lifestyle #summer

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