Lewis & Harris


Remote, isolated and gorgeous. Lewis and Harris or Leòdhas agus na Hearadh in the Outer Hebrides is the largest island in Scotland. Lewis, to the north, has a relatively flat landscape and is home to the island’s main(only) city(large town), Stornoway or Steòrnabhagh and also the five thousand-year-old megalithic monument at Calanais.

Harris (my favorite part of the island) is more like another planet. It’s a vast set of rocky hills and immense wind-swept beaches. We found ourselves walking along the incredibly unsettling Coffin Road, a old route through a remote (and misty) valley that ends at the sea and the solemn fifteen-year-old church of St Clements.

Harris is also home to Harris Tweed, traditional handmade fabric that may sound like something you’d find in granny’s bungalow, but will also save your life when you find yourself freezing to death in a tent on top of those wind-swept dunes.

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  1. deff1
    deff1 ·

    Great Location!

  2. naomac
    naomac ·

    Great article

  3. bensozia
    bensozia ·

    ...just noticed, it's supposed to read "fifteen-hundred-year-old church of St Clements". I'm a crap proof reader...

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