Lomography Gallery Store Berlin - Date the Unexpected

Special Workshops and extended shopping hours – Expect the Unexpected at Lomography Gallery Store Berlin in September

September 4th, 3pm – Paint it red – Redscale film Workshop
Test the new Redscale XR Film with an LC-A+. You decide if you want to have it more retro or a bit red or if you go full redscale. Indulge in a flush of red!

September 11th, 3pm – Double the fun – Multiexposure Workshop
There are some photographic techniques that are only possible when you do take the analog way! Multiexposures are one of them. You do not expose your film only once but twice or thrice…or even four times! But what will happen if you do not double expose your own film but someone elses?

September 18th, 3pm – Cross Processing – Workshop
Ready for some more contrast and colour? Try out cross processing! But wait? What is it? Which film gets which colour? We will do a little introductory lesson to cross processing and a nice phototour through Berlin.

September 25th, 3pm – Unknown Berlin – Lomography on (boat-)Tour
You believe you know Berlin and all its secret places. From now on we will have regular phototours through the not so well known parts of the city. We show you Berlin from our Lomographers point of view. Be surprised how many unknown things you will discover!

Please RSVP directly at the Gallery Store or send us a mail to berlin@lomography.com

Lomography Gallery Store Berlin
Friedrichstraße 133
10117 Berlin
T: 030 – 202 151 62
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