Forgotten Places - Asylum Superintendent's House


A trip the abandoned superintendent’s house of the London asylum system located near the West Park Mental Asylum in Epsom, Surrey.

West Park Asylum was a large psychiatric hospital in Epsom, Surrey. The hospital was designed by William C. Clifford-Smith (architect to the London County Council), who was also involved in the design of nearby St Ebba’s Hospital. The hospital had been in planning since 1906, and by 1917 it was largely complete; however, the outbreak of war postponed opening until 1923.

The West Park Asylum was the largest of 5 asylums in the area and the Superintendent of them lived about 3/4 of a mile from the main buildings at West park. Since the dismantling of the hospital system the house has fallen into disrepair like all the other buildings and has been subject to several arson attacks over the years. However since its located some distance away you are less likely to encounter angry security guards hired by developers who are demolishing the buildings to make way for more houses and roads.

These were shot with Fuji 200 in a Canon AV-1 and Fujichrome Pro Velvia 50 in a Canon A-1.

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