Interview with a Photographer Series - The Top 10

Thanks to your submissions, our call-out for interviews with esteemed photographers was met with great success. Now we invite you to take a final look as we present to you the Top 10 photographer interviews, all of which are very inspiring!

We Called and YOU Answered!

Just a few months ago Lomographers were called upon to submit interviews with professional photographers, teachers, bloggers, photojournalists and analogue enthusiasts, from outside the community, who make photography their living. Your response was overwhelming and it was a tough job selecting the best of the best to make the, The Top 10! Now we honour all the community interviewers for sharing their inspirations with us all and giving an exciting glimpse into the lives of creative people from all over the world, by taking one last look at their amazing interviewees.

Meet the Top 10

#10: Francesca Tallone – A self-confessed romantic based in Brooklyn, New York and works as a professional photographer and hobbyist. Submitted by maliha.

#9: Ken Ku – An analogue lover from the very start, Ken Ku elaborates and discusses the sheer beauty of shooting with film. Submitted by nation_of_pomation.

#8: Valery Rizzo – A professional stock, assignment and fine art photographer who has a decades long love affair the Holga and everything analogue. Submitted by openideas.

#7: Christine Zona – Her credentials say it all. Christine is the first in-house staff photographer for the Discovery Channel. Submitted by maliha.

#6: Yosigo – Meet this talented photographer and graphic designer based in Spain who goes by the alias “Yosigo”, Submitted by horaciorv.

#5: Nic Nichols – Meet the brains behind one of the most informative photo blogs out there, Four Corners Dark, in this interview! Submitted by nation_of_pomation.

#4: Francis Lee – One of the most influential photography instructors in Singapore, Francis Lee continues to inspire with each lesson he gives. Submitted by lawypop.

#3: Gavin Thomas – Needing no introduction to the Lomography community, Gavin is a professional photographer whose portfolio includes amazingly colourful portraits of celebrities. Submitted by cinzinc.

#2: David Richardson – Nowadays, it’s very rare to encounter a professional photographer that shoots purely in analogue. David Richardson certainly does not disappoint. Submitted by pictures.

#1: Matthew Sherwood – Regaling us with stories of shooting as a news stringer and photography in general, photojournalist Matthew Sherwood rounds up our Interview Series. Submitted by matthew_sherwood.

There’s More Where That Came From

The new Analogue Lifestyle Section is the source for all your analogue inspirations. But as they say, it takes a community to get involved and you’re the greatest source there is. Keep on submitting your photographer interviews, they’re always welcome and earn you a 10 Piggy Point bonus! Plus you’ll want to keep an eye out for the next big series we have planned for in coming moths, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!

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