43°C: Drinks, Sunglasses and Plastic Cameras


Let your instincts lead you on your next analog adventure! Team up with a buddy, take a drink or two (or three), grab your camera of choice, and snap, snap, snap away! Imagine this: 43°Celsius heat with four fans circulating hot air. That’s where my best friend Nick and I found ourselves one crazy-sweltering day this summer – a day that would later turn into one of the best lomo adventures!

After drinking cheap beers in my backyard, we decided to beat the heat by heading down to the lake at the end of my street. We lightly swaggered down the driveway and both had the same instinct to take out our cameras. My weapon: my trusty, half taped-up fisheye, and Nick’s weapon: a cell phone camera.

The humidity mixed with the refreshing water on my feet made me feel totally inspired and I started snapping photo after photo without thinking. We all know the lomo golden rule, but sometimes it can be hard to completely turn off the logical part in our head and let spontaneity lead the way. Letting my instincts guide me while being able to bounce off the vibe of hanging out with other creative minds is such a key element when doing anything creative in my book.

At the end of it all, Nick edited together this sick-ass video showcasing what we captured through our lenses that day! Feel free to check it out and remember, the next time you and a buddy find yourself bored on a sweltering hot summer day, grab your camera of choice and snap, snap, snap away!


written by brittany on 2010-09-27 #lifestyle #summer #drinking #drunk #cell-phone #fisheye #lomo-golden-rules


  1. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    nice!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. ngoki
    ngoki ·

    asik ah...kewll..

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