Rybinsk Reservoir (Rybinsk Sea)

Rybinsk Reservoir — large artificial lake on the river Volga and its tributaries, formed more than 50 years ago. It was planned as the world’s largest artificial lake in the world. Currently, the reservoir (or simply “The sea”) is an important part of navigation, environmentology and rest people. My friends and I also like very much to rest on its shore.

My friends live in Rybinsk, I also lived there previously. Often, when I come to visit them, we’re out on the nature of the sea. Usually we go to the reservoir in summer when the water warms up for swimming. But sometimes we go there in autumn or spring. I always try to take a camera or two with me. Usually we stay at the shore for a few days in tents. We often celebrating birthdays at the sea. Even in hot summer — like this year in Russia — on the beach is cool and fresh. I love to wander through the woods or walk along the banks around the reservoir, it is very soothing: a quiet sound of waves, rustling leaves and snapping of twigs under their feet.

written by mcrstar on 2010-09-14 #places #nature #russia #location #reservoir #rybinsk #travel-destination #nature-trips

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