Last Days of Summer

This is a short melancholic capture of the end of summer. So you will see subdued photos of pools, resorts, and a heavy strong downpour that left me stranded in a train station for nearly an hour. I was so desperate to capture this moments I even brought my LC-A+ to the swimming pool without a protective casing, but it was worth the risk. Perhaps I won’t do it again though.

We experienced a devastating storm last July and I realized that summer was over. Many afternoons these days, it’s either cloudy or rainy. It’s a good thing that some officemates were able to organize two quick excursions to two different humble resorts during weekdays to avoid the weekend crowds. The imagery that my LC-A+ captured was quiet and melancholic, sort of bidding goodbye to a quick summer. For the second straight year, I missed going to the beach for reasons I couldn’t understand but I guess it’s because of work. So it’s only just that we made our short escape during weekdays.

The first place we went to was a resort in Tanay, Rizal called Club Manila East. It had all sorts of pools: a 4-storey slide, a pool where you could go kayaking, and two big pools with artificially generated waves, and finally a lapping pool. It was a wet afternoon and in fact it drizzled a bit. Not that it bothered us but it did get me worried because I had my LC-A+ with me in the pool, trying had not to get it splashed. I should start saving up for a KRAB.

Two weeks later, we went to a private resort called Forest Club courtesy of a client. (Thank you client for the overnight excusion!) It had a hot spring pool, and a beautiful sunrise that you could see through an immense ricefield. Since it was also beside a farm and fishpond, we had fresh food. This resort is very restful and a good place to commune with nature. Sounds like a cliché but it really felt that way.

It was a small consolation to have gone to these places, even for a short time to bid summer farewell.

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