Colorsplash Flash Chakra Edition : What's That White Thing on It?

What is the LC-A+ best friend after a good film? Maybe that flash! Hey but what’s that white thing on it? Some pigeon’s poop! Yeah that’s right! Even funny without taking any picture!, you can flash people and make them see life in color!

What sees to be an intriguing object, it is actually a creation of staple design. Just learned it after some Google intensive searches! It really looks nice, I must admit!

What is special with this flash? You can change its colour easily… that’s the colorsplash part:) You have a lot of colors you can choose, and put 4 different colors inside the spinning part of the flash… Maybe try putting a filter on it with another and combined different tints to invent your own chakra! It already looks funny even without taking any picture! You can flash people and make them see life in color!

I directly bought the flash when I received the LC-A+ and the package is as ever gorgeous! You have the battery included upon purchasing so no need to worry. The 3 basic colors are already inside the flash, very neat! And for the moment (after one roll) It’s always these three colors inside! You can switch easily the colors between your shots and it’s practical enough when attached with the Lomo LC-A+!

I used it in combination with the fuji film given with my LC-A+ .Here are some results…
A lot of multi exposures… And I have to say, I didn’t think too much when shooting… I was drunk a bit… Like the recent tipster told us to do:D It’s convenient for multi exposures with a 100 ISO film. The flash is pretty intense and lights the picture enough even at 2 – 3meters. It’s easy to use and with the slow sync flash from the LC-A+, It made some really great effects!

written by eatcpcks on 2010-09-02 #gear #party #review #chakra #lc-a #drunk #colors #colorsplash #flash #fuji #multi-exposure

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