Portraits of a Rock'n SoCal Wedding


Over Summer I traveled south to Carlsbad CA. for my cousins wedding. After purchasing a brand new Holga and several rolls of Kodak Porta films, I was ready for an awesome night snapping pics, and partying the night away. As always I was more than surprised at some of the great results my drunk photo skills were able to capture. My family was also stoked to have this joyous occasion captured in these cool pics. hope u enjoiiiii.

The Kodak Ektar 100 looked great in the sunlight and double exposures created a cool effect, each layer came out just as clear as the 1st. Id call this the crystal clear film for its realistic life like exposures. Later in the night this film stood up to the darkness well, using the flash, people popped out of the darkness in great clarity, also the red and blue tones the flash created made everyone look smooth and joyful.

Kodak 160 NC was a great pickup the extra iso really improved the the image quality in the night. It kept the pics lookin silky smooov. the red flash kept things warm and double exposures came out really cool and with good clarity.

Kodak 400 NC, My Best results came with a lot of drunken luck and this great film. This film created the best results using multi color flashes. The people and colors look so vibrant and they react well to each other when using multiple exposures. When my new cuzin in law saw these he said “Thats Rock’n Roll Man”, and I most definitely agree. ill just let these pics speak for them selves.

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  1. isabelbatteria
    isabelbatteria ·

    These photos are wonderful. My favorites are the double exposures. People merge within one another. There's one woman who seems to have a tattoo with the face of another. Another woman dances on a man's chest. I love them!

  2. beni
    beni ·

    which is which? which photo corresponds to which film? : (

  3. dognuts
    dognuts ·

    YO yo so pics 3-14 are kodak ektar 100, 15-26 are Kodak 160 nc, and 27-2 is Kodak 400 nc

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