Fujichrome 64T Type II in E6


The Fujichrome 64T Type II (RTPII) is an ISO 64 colour reversal tungsten film. This film model has been discontinued since 2007 and replaced by Fujichrome T64. The RTPII is quite difficult to find so when I saw a few expired rolls left in the photo lab, I know I got to grab it.

For my trip to Laos, I brought along an expired RTP II roll and loaded into my trustworthy TLR black bird fly (BBF). The initial plan was to cross process the slides but I changed my mind and decided to send it for normal process in E6. The typical RTPII cross processed pictures usually produces bluish-green tone. However when a RTPII which had expired for 3years is normal processed in E6, the results are really “blue”tiful. While I was expecting to see normal looking pictures, the unexpected results came as a pleasant surprise.

Photos taken under bright daylight came out with a strong deep bluish cast. Grains are ultra-fine and hardly noticeable. Overall, the pictures seem to be colour splashed with a blue gel. Under low light condition, the colour shift from bluish to purple. Processing an expired slide in E6 might not be the first option that comes to mind but the results can really be “out of the blue”.

Try it out!

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    woow! lovely gallery! blue-tiful :D

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