Diana Instant Back + Fuji Film: Analogue To Go!!


The Diana Instant Back + Fuji Instax Mini Film = Fun On The Run in Sin City!!!

I purchased my Diana Instant Back a few weeks ago and decided to take it to Las Vegas with me recently along with several of my other lomo toys. Everywhere I went, people were asking me about the camera, where I got it and how I managed to get my hands on instant film….of course I told them all about lomography.com! I even took a shot of a pit boss at the Golden Nugget and gave him the picture! After seeing it, he told me he wanted to get out his old film cameras and start shooting again. It was so much fun seeing the reaction on everyone’s faces as they watched the film develop right in front of their eyes. All over Vegas, people snap away happily with their little digital lovelies, and there I was with this beautiful analogue princess that everyone just wants to ask about!

I used the Diana 38mm Super Wide and Fisheye lenses for most of my shots to get the best exposures. I really enjoyed taking it up and down Fremont Street at night to capture the nonstop street party. For a serious traveling lomographer, my recommendation is to have a separate Diana F+ and Instant Back setup aside from a regular Diana medium format shooter, a Diana F+ with 35mm film back, etc. so you aren’t switching them around all the time. You’ll also need the complete lens system and voila! You can capture so many moments in so many analogue ways. Plus, you will strike up so many conversations with people that will inevitably go something like this…

“Excuse me…what kind of camera is that, and where did you get it?”

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  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    I want to have my di- instant too... cool shots.:}}

  2. mikahsupageek
    mikahsupageek ·

    cool review and gallery !

  3. rexhibitionist
    rexhibitionist ·

    I agree with you, if I decide to get an instant back I'll just buy another Diana to have it on full time. For ease of developing I tend to keep my 35mm back on all the time. Great shots in Vegas, one of my favorite cities!

  4. sthomas68
    sthomas68 ·

    Thanks for the reviews!!!! I appreciate it a lot!

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