Buying a gift on the lomoshop always give us two gifts!!!

Every time a friend, a relative, or – ahem! – ourselves, we become a gift from lomoshop, we know that kids at Lomography work it nice, and we send our gift wrapped with Lomography paper gift … and that means us two Lomo-gifts!!!… one, obviously, is the one you just bought and the other is a fantastic jacket for our favorite notebook!

We are going to need Lomography wrapping paper, the notebook in question, some glue and scissors … if it is very easy!

We just have to take measures with the paper and the notebook, cut with a small margin, and cut the corners to bend inwards, then put plenty of glue on the cover of the notebook, and proceed to paste the paper (that if, with the book closed, then have to open …. if it sticks the paper with the book closed, it is possible that in the back the paper is very tense and then can not close) try to be very careful that the glue does not go into the notepad and paste the pages, we do not want that to happen. And we are ready!!! … we have our super-Lomo-back book! ;)

written by sinvertigo on 2010-12-16 #gear #tutorials #shop #notebook #tipster #lomo #quickie-tipster #handicraft

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