Abandoned Places: The Papyrus Factory

Just ten minutes outside the city lies a Huge old abandoned paper factory. This is a must-see for every adventure-seeking lomographer that is visiting Gothenburg. On the outskirts of Gothenburg city lies a old abandoned factory.

After hearing a lot of stories from it, me and a friend(arki on lomography) decided to get on the train to see for ourselves what it was all about.

When you get of the train from the Gothenburg central station, the factory is just two stations away, and then you’re in for a five minute walk. After that you get to a gate, and behind the gate lies 4.2 M-I-L-L-I-O-N square feet of abandoned houses, factory buildings and huge fields of concrete and asphalt.

The factory is called the “Papyrus factory”, and was one of the largest paper factories in sweden until they closed in the 80’s. Since then a few people have been trying to get things going again but with no success. The factory is now owned by a chinese guy and some people are saying that there are workers there from time to time. The electricity is still on, and this will probably fool you into thinking; “Oh no! There are still people working here!” At least it fooled us. Or maybe there are still people working there…..

Most of the buildings are covered with graffiti on both the outside and inside, and if you are in to graffiti and street art you will really appreciate this place, and if you look around a little bit you can find some really nice pieces of art.
Unfortunately(or fortunately) there is a lot of broken stuff, old paper-making machines, and a lot of old junk lying around, and almost all the windows are smashed.

The factory is safe to visit anytime of the day or night, but there are signs that say: BEWARE OF DOGS!
Now, nobody really knows if there are any dogs, but no one has encountered them yet, so you’re probably safe. Probably.
Sometimes at night there are guards patrolling the area, I have never met them but from what I’ve heard, they are photographer-friendly, and will most likely let you walk around the area to take beautiful pictures.

This is a must see for every lomographer that visits Gothenburg!

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