Dreamland, Little Piece of Dream

Dreamland, Bali- One of wonderful dreamy beach at Indonesia, where you can see many tourist from asian and European come here to enjoy their little piece of dream. With my new toy Eximus UWS and slide film, I wanna catch little piece of my dreams as unforgettable memories.

First impression when I arrived at Dreamland: it’s extremely HOT! Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen when you arrive here. Most of the tourist go here to hunt the sunset, and enjoyed the peaceful beach. Dreamland isn’t crowded as the other beach in Bali like Kuta beach, so it’s a perfect place if you don’t like any crowded public place.

The wavy ocean is a perfect place for surfing. Only with ten thousand rupiah (equal to US$ 1.2) you can rent a surfboard! If you have more budget on trip, don’t forget to go to KLAPA Café. Even though it’s expensive there, it’s equal to their facility that they give to you and the unforgettable scenery.

Last but not least, don’t you ever forget bring your camera, or you can’t catch any of your little piece of dream.

written by sxander on 2010-09-16 #places #indonesia #location #bali #beach #dreamland #travel-destination

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