Lomography Magazine Times: Awesome August

What’s been shaking the whole month over here at Lomography? We present to you August’s Magazine Times where we collate and bring you the juiciest articles and most current analogue events from the world over. Get the low down now!

August’s been a great month so far at Lomography and we’re bringing you the highlights here! Curious to as to what the community’s been up to lately and what’s shaking? Read on for our sumptuous analogue selections that’s sure to make your mouth water!

Analogue Top Stories

The New DigitaLIZA Scaning Masks – Now Available for 120 Format, too!

Just like the old saying goes, ‘if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself!’ Scanning your precious medium format negatives just got quicker and simpler as we introduce the new DigitaLIZA Scanning Mask for 120 films!

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The Diana Mini Gets Cloned

If you’re minimalist at heart and likes things clean and simple, then this one is for you! The lovable Diana Mini gets bathed snow white, radiating an ethereal glow!

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Analogue Lifestyle

Lomo In Motion

Yes, analogue filmmaking still exists, as j_robert shares his brilliant work with both 8mm and 16mm film. Are you interested in taking the Lomo aesthetic into motion? Then don’t miss out and read now!

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Andy Warhol: Superstar of Photo-booths, Polaroids, and Portraits!

There’s certainly more to him that soup cans and the Velvet Underground banana! Basterda guides us on an informative journey to the life and times of Andy Warhol, who singlehandedly created pop art and influenced every artist today.

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My Diana Is a Lifestyle

Call it blurry, call it whatever you want – but to Sean Miles Lotman, Lomography is art. Read on for more about his thoughts about the philosophical ramifications of shooting analogue. Yes, it’s that deep!

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The Most Sophisticated Drug Baron of All Time: Meet Mr Nice by David Rusbatch

Just who exactly is Mr. Nice? He goes by many names: John McKenna, Anthony Tunnicliffe, Albert W. Jennings, Ray Fox, John Goddard, Albi’… the list goes on! One thing is for sure though – he is the most sophisticated drug baron of all time!

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Latest News

The After Midnight Photo Competition!

When the clock strikes twelve, don’t sleep yet! Lomography and independent music/art platform Subbacultcha! will be hosting a photo competition for the night owls out there. The prize? The Lomography 360° Spinner Camera. Get some shots of caffeine and join now!

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Lomography Lands the Sunday Times

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Bryan Appleyard, a writer for the Sunday Times, stirs the hornet’s nest with the age-old debate between the merits of film vis-à-vis digital. He also proposes the idea of taking back photography to its roots which is pure and unspoiled. Penny for your thoughts, eh?

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The Last Roll of Kodachrome

It certainly is an end of an era as Kodak retires one of its most influential films in the history of photography, Kodachrome. Let’s all follow freelance photographer Steve McCurry as he takes out the last roll ever of Kodachrome to document his trip to India.

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In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

Want to hear the pulse of the community, read about the hottest analogue news and the hippest Locations to go to? We’ve collated the most popular reviews and articles, via likes and comments, for your reading pleasure!

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Can’t Miss Competitions

Can’t Miss Competitions

The biggest photography trade fair of the year is nearing fast and we want you to be part of it! Make sure to submit your best Lomographs to our Photokina Rumbles and show off your country’s pride!

Rumblin’ With our Rumble Winners

Rumblin’ With our Rumble Winners

Want to see photos of the cream of the crop or are you looking to scout for your competition in succeeding rumbles? Check out the proud winners and their excellent images with our numerous Rumble Winner Announcements!

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