The Sunset at Sepang Gold Coast, Malaysia.

It’s a new attraction in Selangor. A white sandy beach, attracts visitors for family outings. The construction of the trade mark resorts, a Palm-Tree Resort are still on going by the time of my visits. The resorts look alike a Palm-Tree from a bird’s eye view. It’s looks kinda interesting thou, but we couldn’t really see the shape of the formation when we are at the same level. Shall pay another visit soon, after the palm resorts are finally launch and open for public.

Located at the Pantai Bagan Lalang which is around 75 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, 45 minutes from Putrajaya and 25 minutes from KLIA, easily accessible by highway and yet, we lost during the way to the beach! Haha. Without any GPS devices, we had problem reading maps on the print-screen map on an iPod (that we print-screen earlier the day before we starts our journey). The road-sign are so ridiculous and super confusing and it brought us to somewhere where there is nothing else but trees, palm-oils, and grass! We took around 1 and half hours to finally get things right back again. Sigh, it’s a long journey. Haha. But anyway, we still have fun getting lost once in a while. :)

Well, I did not bring swimsuits or any extra clothing for the visits. We just feeling like wanted to feel some sea breeze as well as sunshine and enjoying the sunset with cameras and few magazine to read for. We spent few quality relaxing hours there. Have fun with the Smiley-face kite while enjoying the sunset, then we head for our seafood dinner nearby.

Watching sunset at the beach, always manage to melt my heart. :)

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