Jerome: Ruins of the Wild West

Jerome, Arizona is a lomographer’s dream. Settlers have come and go in waves, leaving behind them mere remnants of a once wild city. Houses stand in a state of disarray, often abandoned and sometimes overgrown. It’s not uncommon to hear tales of local haunting, especially at the Asylum-turned-Hotel. Bring some extra rolls of film; You’ll need as much as you can spare.

Bri loves ghosts. She’s been known to spend hours in isolation watching ghost hunters while we spend a night out on the town. I recently decided to indulge her and accompany me on a trip to Jerome, Arizona. Jerome was, once upon a time, a busy mining town. As people began to arrive in greater numbers, vice followed. Gambling, prostitution and drinking made Jerome notorious as a Wild West town.

A series of fires and economic decline led to people leaving the city of Jerome behind them; Shortly after, wanderers began to occupy the abandoned homesteads. They tore apart the homes, using furniture and any other wood as fuel for their campfires.

Bri and I stroll through the city streets. We pass a rock wall with…

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