Sea side walk - Carcavelos-Oeiras-Paço de Arcos - Portugal


Nested against the Atlantic Ocean, near the Tagus river mouth, near Lisbon, you can find a 3km stretch of paved walkway/bike path, passing through 3 beaches, a marina and a couple of old forts.

Nested against the Atlantic Ocean, near the Tagus river mouth, near Lisbon, you can find a 3km stretch of paved walkway/bike path, passing through 3 beaches and a couple of old forts.

Built a few years back, it has become one of the most popular places around for walking, jogging, riding bicycles, or roller skates, skating and etc… Although it is obviously more inviting in the spring and summer, you can come here all year round, since the local weather is relatively moderate.

The sea side walk stretches from Paço de Arcos, passing through Santo Amaro de Oeiras, and it ends at Praia da Torre, near Carcavelos. Near Paço de Arcos, you can find a lovely beach surrounded by rocks, with a tiny building on top of one of the rocks, and a stone bridge with an arc below it. Further on, you can find an old fort just before reaching Santo Amaro beach, it was previously in bad condition, but it is now fully restored to its former glory. Further on you will pass the Oeiras Marina, full of yachts and sail boats, with a large wall painted by passing crews on their way around the oceans. Finally you will reach Praia da Torre, were you will find a giant wale tail sticking out of the ground, and a huge fort, Forte de São Julião, which is actually the official residence of the Portuguese Minister of Defence, although i don’t think the current one actually lives there…


Apart from the land marks, you can always find beautiful subjects for you photos in nature. During low tide, you can wonder for hours on the rocks, looking for small pools of water, small sea creatures and etc.


People and sports are also nice subjects here. You can always find a huge array of different types of people here, if you enjoy candid photography, and you can always find someone skating, cycling or even surfing along the sea side walk.


If you shoot medium format, you will also like to know that there is a place near by that develops 120 color film, it’s in the centre of Oeiras, near the Town Hall and the town hall, it’s hard to miss.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Thanks, Danke, Gracias


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    photohuggers ·

    Boa/Nice Location, grandes/great fotos/photos!

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    paper_doll ·

    muito bom artigo! :)
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  3. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    beautiful shots and great location!

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    catarella ·

    Really cool location! =)

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