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Welcome the new and regular Submission of the Month Announcement! Chosen by the community via likes and comments, we feature the most popular posts in Location, Review and Tipster during the past month of July. Congratulations everyone and enjoy your 20 Piggy Point bounty!

Curious to know how it works? By simply clicking ‘Like’ button and every comments you made will actually help your favourite Location, Review and Tipster to get closer on landing the spot they deserve! Now let’s take a look at these three articles deemed to be the most read in the last month!

Location of the Month: phiphu

If you’re the type whose gastronomic desires reached the adventurous level, then this spot reported by phiphu might really get you salivating with hunger! Situated in the heart of Beijing, the Wangfujing street is a popular souk not only for the variety of trinkets and souvenirs you can buy, but also with the exotic food listed on their menu, making it truly one of a kind location. So after having a very tiring shopping spree, why not try to take a bite of those unusual snacks they have and see for yourself!

Review of the Month: paramir

On a fine day of spring, paramir met a rather strikingly handsome camera that goes by the name of Balda Bladinette. With its irresistible vintage appeal – that comes complete with sexy folding bellows – he immediately fell in love so madly that he always has it in his pocket ever since, ready to make beautiful pictures together any time! It’s indeed a story of analogue love!

Tipster of the Month: tallgrrrlrocks

It could be a simple incident of having a last song syndrome from her favourite band from the 80’s or a very severe case of boredom that led tallgrrrlrocks to make this very simple yet overtly fun kind of a tipster and an amazing gallery to go with it! Whatever her sole reason is, it was in fact a very effective technique after all that more than 30 readers of the magazine liked it! And all because of what she did with her Lomo LC-A+, by flippin’ it good!

Congratulations to this month’s most popular articles voted by likes and comments from the community! You have earned yourself a big prize of 20 Piggy points for your efforts and a shiny new award badge to boot.

See you next month!

written by fookshit on 2010-08-19 #news #winners #locations #july #reviews #tipsters


  1. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    Yipee! I had fun making that Tipster. This inspires me to share more with you fellow Lomolovers! :)

  2. stitch
    stitch ·

    congrats to all ;)

  3. paramir
    paramir ·

    woohoo!! thank you! I love my Baldinette indeed - glad you liked it also :)

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