Sé de Lisboa – Lisbon’s Cathedral


In one of the many hills of Lisbon stands the city’s Cathedral – Sé de Lisboa. Being the oldest church in Lisbon, it has survived the ages and more than one earthquake and is still there for you to visit!

Sé de Lisboa is Lisbon’s Cathedral and its construction began in the 12th century when the city was reconquered during the crusades by Portugal’s first king. Originally named Church Santa Maria Maior, it is the oldest church in the city.

Try picking a sunny day to visit old beauty – that shouldn’t be difficult at all in Lisbon. You can walk through downtown (Baixa) and then make your way up the hill. Walk on Rua da Conceição and then climb Rua de Santo António and soon you’ll see the cathedral in Largo da Sé. Otherwise you can hop on traditional tram 28 and enjoy the ride.

The cathedral is usually open from 9AM to 7PM and if you are into architecture, you can observe the mixture of styles that results from the church having been being built and rebuilt along the centuries. Also, classical musical concerts are held in the church every now and then, open to the public.
Nearby you can also visit the city’s castle, famous Bairro Alto and several sightseeing spots.

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