The Power is in Your Hands - The Lomo Lubitel 166+

For creative control freaks and old-school analogue lovers, the Lubitel 166+ is your best choice. Want to shoot classic squares? Like the convenience of 35mm? The Lubitel offers you these options, and packs more features that you’ll love!

Take Control

In life, a lot of things are out of our hands. When’s the sun going to come out? Why’s the bus late again? Will that shell suit in your wardrobe ever come back in fashion? So many unanswerable questions. Sometimes you just wish you could just take control.

And that’s why we love the fully-manual, fully-flexible Lubitel+!

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The Power in Your Hands

Take a closer look. The Lubitel+ is a twin-lens reflex camera lovingly re-crafted by Lomography. Holding its light-weight plastic body, twiddling its dials, looking down through its viewfinder, is a joy. In fact, having it in your hands feels so good, you won’t want to let go… But can we just have it back a second? Thanks. Because you haven’t even started shooting. With the Lubitel+ nothing is taken for granted. Everything is in your control. From your shooting formats (120 or 35mm formats), to the manual exposure settings and choosing your exact focal ranges.

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15% off Lomography Film with Lubitel+ Buys

So far, we’ve only told you about the camera’s features. That is only the beginning. A whole world of other choices lie ahead. With the choice of 35mm or 120, varied film speeds, and the decision of whether to shoot colour negative, black and white or slide film, the possibilities are endless. To celebrate this, we are offering 15% off 35mm and 120 Lomography Film when bought with the Lubitel+.

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An Aphrodisiac for the Power-Hungry

When you get your photos back, see the gorgeous, crisp, artistic results of your choices. You can take full responsibility. You can climb on the rooftops and shout “I did this”. Of course, all this control is not for everyone. Some people aren’t born to be decision makers. But for those who are, the Lubitel+ is the camera for you. So as an aphrodisiac for the power hungry, get a taster with this Lubitel+ gallery.

If you are already convinced and ready for the ultimate power trip, shop for the Lubitel+.

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