Bagsværd Church


Though i live close and pass this building now and then. I had never payed it any attention. It looked so boring i didn’t even bother about what it was, until one day i stumbled upon a photo of the inside…

I’m not religious at all, so churches rarely catch my attention, but if i was, this would be the place i’d pray for new old cameras.
This boring building that i never gave a thought, caught my full attention one day i saw it in the local paper.

The inside is just fantastic. When you step into the church hall, the first thing that catches your eye, is the giant wavy shapes the roofing has. It just drags you in to it’s dreamy atmosphere and you forget the world you just came from. The church looks very different from an average danish church, but still it doesn’t take away the impression of being in one at all. This special design also makes the light entrance unique and dim, giving the room a calm appearance.

The designer is the danish architect Jørn Utzon, if that doesn’t ring a bell, he is also the architect of the opera house in Sidney. He designed not only the building but also all of the interior, even the instruments.

written by tveden on 2010-09-12 #places #church #design #landmark #building #panoramic #location #architecture #horizon-perfekt #denmark #utzon

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  1. plyshbel
    plyshbel ·

    Veru interesting and unusual design!

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