Paradies Color Positive Film (35mm, 100 iso)


I’m still new to the Lomo world and still trying out different kinds of films and their effects on the photographed image. My first two or three rolls were shot with Kodak Elitechrome, which was a safe option and produced beautiful results. After that, I was ready for stronger color shifts and more surprising outcomes. Which is where the dm Paradies color postive 100 iso comes into play. I fell in love the moment I saw the first printed results!

I love my photos colorful to an excessive point. Colors are not enough, I want them shifted an exaggerated. That’s why, right away, I started off with positive films which I had cross developed. I’m mostly aiming for an artificial touch that makes my photos look like a Tim Burton movie. ;)

And since I’m a beginner at analogue photography, I like to keep the actual process of getting these results as simple as possible. I find the Paradies 100 iso to be the perfect product in this respect. It is perfectly suited for taking pictures outside in the daylight as well as inside in ‘okay but not perfect’ lighting.
The general color shifts of this film are on the blue&green side. On top of that, it only costs about 3 Euros.

The Paradies was only the second type of film I ever used with my Lomo LC-A, but I can already tell it’ll always be one of my favorites. I shot my first rolls of this film in different locations in and around Munich, Germany.

The one thing I like best about this film are the beautiful contrasts you can achieve with blue and red/yellow tones.

Unfortunately, the Paradies films are only available in a German drugstore chain called ‘dm’. But if you can get hold of one via the internet, you should definitely check it out!

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  1. pulex
    pulex ·

    you can get them in austria too, but there are rumors that they quit the production!

  2. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    Noooooooooo :-O

  3. vojta
    vojta ·

    I have the similar experience. Great film fun/price ratio excellent!
    The trick behind: This DM Paradies film is actually produced by Kodak in USA,
    but sold cheaply in DM chains, while not passed the Quality control in the
    factory. Hey, this is great news for all Lomographers, ain't it?!!
    Viva Lomo!

  4. sobiksaabik
    sobiksaabik ·

    DM Dia 100 is actually Kodak Elitechrome e100, but today, Kodak stopped making of elitechrome - go to your nearest DM and buy them all!! :-)

  5. utlerspentb
    utlerspentb ·

    Thahts your scanner software dumass... You are misinforming people here. The film you are refering to is a quit normal color negative film when developed correctly. Titred of you lomo asses not knowing anything about photography. Google this film right under this there is a serious review of the film!!!

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