Lomography 120 X-Pro Slide : From Package to the Last Sticker


My first time… with a slide film. I remember it was a Lomography X-Pro Slide 200. I just had to put it inside my Diana and it was alright, maybe too easy. I took a few shots and tried some double exposure… Just the time to say a word and the roll was out.

With its C-41 written on its side, my developping studio didn’t even realized that they were developing slides! And they were so surprised when it came out. They thought they made a mistake, but I was so happy to tricked them!

The result was stunning! These colors… these specialities! Yummy! I needed more, I directly charged the second roll and immediately finished it in two or three days! And all this was before I had my scanner! It’s more delightful to scan them at home. No noise, awesome colors and that stunning result we didn’t expect for this slide film!

Like every rolls sent by Lomography, the packaging is wonderful, you can see some good shots on the box and you learn that they come from a great company producing good emulsions, you can’t go wrong with it!

written by eatcpcks on 2010-08-22 #gear #slide #120 #review #process #packaging #diana #cross-processing #develop #user-review


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    Oups I forgot some bracket:D

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    missing bracket fixed! :)

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