Summer Family (A Travel Tip For Your Summer Roadtrip)


This is a pretty simple tip to help you remember your summer roadtrip with your family. It is as simple as this – take notes. I have found that my notes from our recent family roadtrip are indispensable. They have come back to help me on numerous occasions. Especially when someone is asking me about my trip or asking for recommendations on the hotel to stay at in the location I visited.

I have scanned in 6 pages of notes (and added a few photos) from our recent trip through the southwest of the United States. They include hotels, restaurants, important stops, fees, etc. These notes not only help me, but they help me help others if they ever need information on these places. It is also fun to go back and read the funny notes like “scary cab” ride in Vegas because it helps spark memories that you might not otherwise remember.
I know this is a pretty simple idea, but if you take a little time at the end of each day to write down the details of your adventures you will be so happy to have those memories to look back on.

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  1. azzzy
    azzzy ·

    im planning to a road trip from oklahoma to new york in may!

  2. iaki
    iaki ·

    I wrote all my trip in my NY Moleskine!
    It´s so funny read it now =)

  3. jblaze823
    jblaze823 ·

    its too bad that the scans I sent with this article have not come through. I had the same reaction as iaki "it's so funny to read now" the things I wrote while I was on my trip, some good info, and some funny stuff.

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