Avenyn, Gothenburg, Sweden


“Kungsportsavenyen” (Avenyn/The Avenue) is the main street of Gothenburg, located in the very center of the the city.

“Kungsportsavenyen” (Avenyn/The Avenue) is the main street of Gothenburg, located in the very center of the the city.

At the south end you’ll find “Götaplatsen”. A square surrounded by the City Theater, City Library, Concert Hall, Art Museum & Art Hall and centered by the Poseidon bronze statue and fountain. Poseidon (Roman name Neptune), was the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses according to Greek mythology, but the interesting part of this statue by sculptor Carl Milles is actually found below the belt. The city’s high society women thought the first version was far too well-hung and forced Milles to equip this great god with an proportionally small love stick. However, it is said that if you stand on the stairs up to the Art Museum and look at the statue from behind you’ll see “Milles Revenge”…

Following north the street is paved with expensive restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and shops.

Best spots for photography would in my opinion be either end of the street; “Götaplatsen” with Poseidon and the grandiose arches of the Art Museum, and “Kungsportsplatsen” at the north end with the moat (canal) and surrounding green areas.

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