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One of the things I miss most about Chicago is the awesome public transportation, and the “L” can really get you anywhere you need to go. It is the equivalent to a subway system, except it is above ground for most of the tracks. It’s the best way to go on an adventure, and also the best way to get lost! This is a good thing.

For $2.25, or less, the L can get you from the suburbs to a Cubs game, from the airport to the Loop and from boredom to adventure!
I usually take a train from point A to point B, because I never have a car. These trains are one of the things I miss most about moving to a smaller city, they truly are.

I’ve always been attracted to taking pictures of trains and train goers, and the stations that the trains pass through. I love the architecture of the L stations. Most are above street level, so you can capture what’s down below from interesting angles. The stations themselves also have interesting metal work for the tracks and light shines through to the street in very cool ways.

You really can just look around and find interesting shots everywhere.

Of course, your adventure may have a destination, like downtown, or perhaps the zoo, but I have the most fun on the train itself!

Grab a couple of friends and go!

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    Blue Line, Damen Stop – oh how i miss you! Reckless Records, Filter (RIP), Sultans Market… <3

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