Liuchiu, Taiwan Pintung - The Island Out of Formosa

LiuChiu is a small island near by Taiwan. The island is thriving with plenty of natural resources, so it is defnitely not to be missed. Follow me as I travel to Liuchiu and experience its splendor first hand. Let me show you this magnificent place.

Take a ferry which connects Taiwan and Liuchiu and you just need to take about 45 mins. to the island. Liuchiu is quiet a small place. You even don’t need a map, just follow the road or sign head. Believe me, after a while, you will just be familiar with the directions just like a local. As you know. Liuchiu is a island, surround b ythe ocean. So you can ride your motorcycle and follow the outer road to look the beautiful sea shore.

Accidentally, we discovered a very lovely villa and it opened wild. there was a line of chairs seated up on the square. We can not help but lie on the chairs and take a nap a while. Feeling the breeze wave you face and listening the natural music by ocean. Enjoy that moment then you will forget all the pressure and relaxing at the moment. We went the local school to take some pics. Play the some games as those students do usually.

We also bought some food and let’s find a wild beach and lay down. That is a place you can do anything you want. Of course, there are a lot of activities you can do. so, now all you need just grab your bag to be there, then you will find the way to have fun.

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