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They are the active members who live the Analogue Dream, and convert others to share the same dream. Check out our interview of shoujoai, ultra active Magazine contributor and award winner from Germany

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Location: Germany

1. How did you first meet Lomography?

First when I read something about Lomography, it was on the facebook page of a friend. She was discussing with some others about single use cameras and how much fun they are, and then they came to Lomolitos. I was curious, cause I often used single use cameras for my holidays (as I have no mobile phone and no digital camera). Then I started searching the internet about this Lomolitos and fastly came to more Lomo Cameras. When I saw the Diana F+ Snow Cat , I was in love, even when I didn’t know the difference between 35mm and medium format film at that moment! But I needed a few days to decide to order her, and in this days I started reading everything about Lomography and photography in general. Sadly, I ordered her in November, and it took half a year before I got the first sunshine shoots! That was terrible, as Diana shows her full charme in the sunlight, and my only wish was to capture the blue sky once (it was always white, grey or dark). Now it’s summer and I have many, many shoots with blue skies.

2. What is your Lomography Philosophy?

First, I like the lomographic rule: “take your camera everywhere”. But I try to forget this stuff with “Don’t think, just shoot”, cause then I always forget some settings like the distance, aperture…or even to remove the lens cab. Maybe it goes better with the LC-A+, I have her since one week (But I still prefer the charme of my Diana).

I would say, that my philosophy is, to try as many ideas as I have, I sometimes write them down and do a list about things I have to try. And for me is also important, that I always try to do pictures that I find really beautiful – especially when I take pictures of people. Ok, sometimes I want to try out something, for example a mask experiment or hip shoots and just mess around a bit, but the best pictures are those where I want to capture the beauty of a moment.

3. What is your saddest moment in your life? And the happiest one?

Wow, that’s a really difficult question. Maybe the saddest moment was when my cousin died. Or when a relationship broke down and I felt all alone and helpless.

Also the happiest moment is not easy to say. When I think about happy moments I remember especially two: when I was about 16 or 17, lying with my past boyfriend in the green grass in the sun, laughing and fooling around. Or another moment, when I was sitting in my room in france, where I lived for about one year (european social service), in front of the window and thought how happy I could be to live there.

4. What is your experience being an admin user?

It’s great! I think it also leaded to my strong passion for lomography that I could share my pictures with so many people and got so many positiv feedback.

And I am a really addicted piggy collector. I just bought my LC-A+ with them.

5. Who is your favorite photographer?

Hmm, I got inspired by friends (even though they’re doing digital photography), and there are many users on, that do a really awesome work! For example warning and satomi, who do an exellent job with their Dianas!

I also like the work of Terry Richardson for example. But mostly, when I see great photographs, I do not remember the names of the photographers.

6. Define Analogue Lifestyle

A life with a strong passion for analog photography. It’s interesting to have a view of the lives from different photographers through the new analogue lifestyle section.

7. Can you imagine the world without Analogue?

Is this possible? I mean, there will always be a school class that has to build a camera obscura. I think, even in the age of digital stuff, it will never be possible to forget the roots of it and the simple physical equations how photography works. A world without analog photography would be like a world without fire because it is now possible to cook on cerano plates.

8. When did you last kiss?

One minute ago with my sweet girlfriend ;)

9. What was your last meal?

Ice Cream! And before we had a brunch with fried tomatos and mozarella and little sausages, mjummi.

written by edwinchau on 2010-08-11 #lifestyle #interview #user #germany #admin
translated by tattso


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