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They are the active members who live the Analogue Dream, and convert others to share the same dream. Check out our interview of singleedlerly, a hardcore contributor who co-edits the Lomography Asia magazine.

Home: singleelderly
Location: Hong Kong

1. How did you first meet Lomography?

With great thanks to my boy friend! A few years ago, he gave me a Fisheye No.1. I remember the first roll was about the closing of Star Ferry Pier in Central. Actually I left it in the drawer for a year afterwards! One day, he gave me his LC-A+, a roll of Provia 400F. At the beginning, the film took 1 month to finish. Later on, it shortened to be two weeks, one week, 3 days?? I become an addict.

2. What is your Lomography Philosophy?

“Capture my life” and “break the rule” And no matter what camera or film is used, the content of photo is my most important concern, as it is the key to communicate. That’s why I always forgive myself for some blurred / overexposed / tilted photos if they can tell a story!

3. What is your saddest moment in your life? And the happiest one?

When going back to the place I lived in childhood, everything changed. Seems the ground of memory is shaken.

Travel in Japan alone in two weeks with a tight budget. Although this rail trip around 8 cities was very rush, it proved myself the ability of overcoming difficulties in a country with language barrier.

4. What is your experience being an admin user?

It is nice to have the opportunity to be the admin user. Other than writing or editing articles, I could contribute to the development of Lomography Magazine. And I am really pleased when seeing some users’ progress in their photos and articles.

5. Who is your favorite photographer?

“Red-coat lady on the bike” at the home page of Flickr is the very first photo which raised my interest in Lomography. This amazing photo is one of Lomokev’s shots. His LC-A photos are stunning, especially those shot by cross processed Agfa CT100. His “courage” to shoot at any weather or condition and experimenting different technique shows his passion, which inspired me much.

Pipemore7, aka Uncle Guan, is a master of pinhole photography. He can turn any daily item to be camera, for example, toothpaste box, biscuit can and even Eclipse can, and shoot great pinhole photos! His excellent blog post includes tutorial, thoughts and photos gallery, while reading is a great pleasure!

6. Define Analogue Lifestyle

Life with analogue. I know this look vague but it is very broad indeed.

The magazine section Analogue Lifestyle is a good way to illustrate this. It ranges from “Take your camera everywhere you go” to professional photography style; from special themed snapshots to exhibition report; from personal Lomo story to academic essay. It covers personal, professional, artistic, academic aspects. Thus it is an all-rounded analogue life!

7. Can you imagine the world without Analogue?

It would be a disaster to me, losing the enjoyment of listening to the sound of closing shutter, the exciting heart when expecting the film to develop, the enthusiasms for doing new experiment……To the world, it is losing a valuable part in the colour spectrum and basic skill to live. (If one day a person haven’t got any digital device in hand, could he write a letter? Read a book? Calculate by mental arithmetic? Listen to music?)

8. When did you last kiss?

A few minutes ago…..

9. What was your last meal?

Taiwanese noodle, while waiting the films to develop.

written by edwinchau on 2010-08-11 #lifestyle #interview #hong-kong #user #asia #admin
translated by tattso


  1. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    @singleelderly : Go Asia!! :)

  2. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Wonderful interview and gallery!!

  3. basterda
    basterda ·

    Nice one, @singleelderly! Thanks for translating my article about Kubrick, too! :)

  4. singleelderly
    singleelderly ·

    @lawypop : Working hard for a better Asia magazine!
    @herbert-4 : Thank you so much! : D
    @basterba it's my pleasure!

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