Hortas pedagógicas, Guimarães


Hortas pedagógicas of Guimarães is a communitarian place dedicated to urban agriculture. This is a Project that started this year with the first zone available. The ecological / public park was built in agricultural land located in the entrance of the city near to the highway turning that unused space in an interesting zone.

An urban approach to agriculture is the main propose of this space where the people can rent a small plot of land to plant, making this kind of activities again available to everyone. Itt is a little difficult nowadays, only a few can still live with a good contact with nature and natural products, so it is great opportunity to do something different from your day life routine. It’s really great to see persons there in the end of a working day, some of them after being all day seated in front of computer and during that period they are enjoying themselves without any kind of stress and in the end they can take home some nice vegetables. They have all good agriculture zones. It also sas to have a lot of scarecrows, built by the users.

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  1. photohuggers
    photohuggers ·

    Boa location! Está muito linda a horta. Viva as hortas urbanas populares!.. ;)

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