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Spending a summer in Tunisia is not an ordinary choice for most Asians, maybe you rather go to Thailand or some European countries like Spain. But rest assured that spending a summer in Tunisia wouldn’t disappoint you.

Tunisia, officially the Tunisian Republic, is the northernmost country in Africa and close to Italy. It is bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east. It was where the Carthage had built their empire and today, the Carthage Runis is one of the must go spot in Tunisia.

Tunisia is the smallest of the nations situated along the Atlas mountain range. The south of the country is composed of the Sahara desert, with much of the remainder consisting of particularly fertile soil and 1,300 km of coastline. At the beginning of known recorded history, Tunisia was inhabited by Berber tribes. And the house of the Berber and the piece of Sahara had became the filming locations for many scenes of Star Wars, Lars Homestead being the most famous one.

Referred to as the Islamic Cultural Capital, Kaikouan is considered the fourth most holy city in Islam, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Around the end of the 7th century and the beginning of 8th century the region was conquered by Arab Muslims, who founded the city of Kairouan which became the first city of Islam in North Africa ; in this period was erected (in 670) the Great Mosque of Kairouan considered as the oldest and most prestigious sanctuary in the western Islamic world as well as a great masterpiece of Islamic art and architecture.

Hammamet, due to its beaches it is a popular destination for swimming and water sports. It was the first tourist destination in Tunisia. It is located in the south east of the northern peninsula of Cap Bon in the Governorate of Nabeul, on the northern edge of the Gulf of Hammamet.

Kelibia is a coastal town on the Cap Bon peninsula, Nabeul province in the far northeastern part of Tunisia. The main landmark of Kelibia is the recently-restored fortress overlooking the harbour. Kelibia is a fishing port and is home to Tunisia’s National Fishing School.

Kerkouane is a Punic city in northeastern Tunisia, near Cape Bon. Excavations of the town have revealed ruins from the 4th and 3rd Centuries BC. UNESCO declared the Punic Town of Kerkouane and its Necropolis a World Heritage Site in 1985, citing among other things that the remains constitute the only example of a Phoenicio-Punic city to have survived.

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