Reel in Your Fisheye Fantasies!


A Fresh Perspective with the Fisheye! Why not try a new perspective with the Fisheye? Picture your subject in a 170-degree view packed tight in a compact circle, known otherwise as the Fisheye effect! Take a look at new fishy members of the family and fancy some discounts!

Photo by: caaath

This is otherwise known as the Fisheye effect! Since the world’s first compact Fisheye One camera hit the streets, the lineup has expanded to the enhanced Fisheye No. 2 camera, as well as special edition and collaborative pieces. Did we already mention the array of accessories all designed to satiate your craziest Fisheye fantasies? With 10% off many Fisheye products* at the moment, it’s the perfect time to go fish!

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New Fisheye Additions

Fisheye No. 2 Ripcurl Edition – Surf’s Up!
Fisheye One Red – All fired up in its vivid red outfit, with a special packaging safeguarded by the friendly Furry Ghost!
Fisheye One Blue Pearl – Looking all icy-fresh in glittery blue, bundled up in an equally cool package guarded by the Dancing Trucker.
Fisheye One Hello Kitty Edition – The world’s most famous feline gets friendly with the Fisheye!

10% off These Fisheye Picks

More than just the amazing barrel-distorted view, there are endless possibilities available to you – no matter which Fisheye you choose! Get creative with multiple-exposures, or go deep in the water with the Submarine Underwater Case. There’s no stopping you from Fisheye fun!

You can get a 10% discount on all Fisheye products listed below until 15/08/10! Just enter the voucher code FISHEYEFANTASIES after you’ve add the products to your cart!

Fisheye One
Fisheye No. 2
Fisheye One White
Fisheye No. 2 White Edition
Fisheye No. 2 Pink Edition
Fisheye One Royal Blue
Fisheye One Woodgrain
Fisheye Submarine
Fisheye Double Frame
Fisheye Triple Frame
Fisheye No. 2 Keychain
Diana F+ Fisheye Lens

Combine Offers to Get Big Discounts!

The Lomography online shop’s got some great offers on at the moment. If you combine the Fisheye Fantasy 10% off deal with other promotions or bundles you can save yourself even more cash! For example, why not take advantage of our current Travel Offer too, where you can get 20% off Lomography Film when you also buy a camera? Also when you buy a bundle containing a Fisheye product you can get an extra 10% off the bundle price by applying the FISHEYEFANTASIES voucher code at checkout.


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