Redscale 120 Summer Fun!


I read from the internet that people make their own redscale film by re-rolling the film on the opposite side, I never understand what they are talking about. People also have to consider about the exposure because the ISO would be completely different.

Thanks to Lomography! Finally we got our 120 Redscale film. We don’t have to roll our own Redscale film and think about the exposure time. You can use it as normal ISO100 film. The outcome is so satisfying.
So sad that I only bring 1 roll of redscale to North Africa because of my overloaded baggage.

Redscale is your best friend capturing your summer time. Even for a beginner to LOMO like me, though I didn’t take really good pictures, but I am satisfied. Redscale gives a different feeling from what I actually see. I think it is especially good while filming landscape with water and sand, like a desert, for instance. They look really good together. It did dim the burning sun in Sahara a bit and have a vintage feeling.

Unfortunately, for such a beginner, I over-exposed some of the film. However, Redscale would definitely be my number one choice for my next trip to Thailand. Hope that I can bring some good photos back.

written by candy_candy on 2010-08-20 #gear #film #120 #review #redscale #lomography #diana-f

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  1. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    I found making your own can give you some really crazy results. I redscaled a roll of 120 iso 800 and exposed it as 125 and got some really wacky colors. Check it…

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